Virus Removal

Viruses can be a nasty thing to infect your PC.  By their nature they are destructive so you need to get rid of them as fast as possible.  At BPC we will remove any number of viruses for our fixed fee service charge of £30.  There shouldn’t be any parts needed so that should be all you will pay.

Viruses are nasty pieces of code or programs that try to kill (or at least do harm) to your computer.  They can show up in a variety of ways eg. random crashes or your computer doing something strange all the time.  Viruses in the true sense of the computing term aren’t seen that much anymore because the people who write these viruses would rather take your money and they can’t do that if they have killed your computer.  Most problems that people would call a virus are really Malware, which we can also remove.  Regardless of terminology or which type of nasty you have, the ultimate thing is that you want rid of it and we can do that with the minimum of fuss.

Give me a call on 07814 979414 and I will come and collect you desktop or laptop, remove the virus and return it to you in a couple of days.  Remember we will only charge you the £30 fixed fee for labour.