Computer Inside

Every now and then you feel that your pc would benefit from some more oommmpphhh!  We can upgrade your desktop or laptop for £30 fixed fee labour and the cost of the parts.

Hard drives, graphics cards, RAM, processors are all upgradable in desktops and these new parts could give your PC a new lease of life rather than buying a new one.  Installation is done quickly and you keep your old parts. which you can sell to off-set the cost.

Laptops are more difficult to upgrade due to the nature of how they are built.  We can add RAM and change hard drives.

SSD hard drives give the biggest performance boost at the moment and are well worth considering.  We can fit these to both laptops and desktops.  Give us a call for pricing on any upgrade on 07814 979414 or email mark@bitsandpiecescomputers.co.ukpiecescomputers.co.uk