PC Tune-ups

PC running slow?  We can speed it up for our fixed fee of £30 so it zips along again like it was new!

Desktops and Laptops slow down for all sorts of reasons but generally it is because they become full of rubbish and programs that load during start up.  Slow down can also be caused by malware and viruses.  We can remove all the malware, viruses, and rubbish you have collected over the years.  Bring it into us and we will get rid of it all within a few days for the fixed fee labour charge of £30.

One other thing that can cause slow down is a lack of RAM, or hard disk space.  If these sort of issues occur you may need an upgrade.  Before we buy anything we will let you know you need parts and give you a price.  The labour charge will stay the same at £30 and you will only pay for the part.

We can pick up your computer or you can drop it off.

Give us a call on 07814 979414 or email mark@bitsandpiecescomputers.co.uk

PC Tune Ups