Network Setup
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Whether your network is a wired network or WiFi we can configure it for you.  Our fixed fee price of £30 will cover setting it up and showing you how to get on to your network in future.

Theres a lot of jargon attached to networks, eg. 802.11a, or b, or n, or ac.  Or for wired networks it might be 10/100 or 100/1000.  You might get a new router, or modem and dont know how to fit it or set it up.  We can do all this for you, and configure your network so that it is secure.  we will show how to log into your network with future devices.

Obviously, to configure your network we will have to come out to you but thats no problem.  The price is still our fixed fee of £30 (parts are extra).

Give us a call on 07814 979414 for more details or for a chat.  Alternatively  You can also fill in the form on our contacts page