Malware Removal
Computer Inside

For just £30 (fixed fee) BPC will remove all the Malware on your computer.  There shouldn’t be any parts needed so that should be all you will pay.

It doesn’t matter if you have 1 piece of malware or 10, we will reomve them all for the small fee of £30.

Malware is much more prevalent that true viruses these days but to most people they represent the same thing and that is the computer is misbehaving.  Malware is where you get pop-ups and redirections on the internet.  Pop-ups will be something like telling you that “you have got 2412 errors on your PC.  Click here to correct them”  and then when you click it will cost you £100.  People pay it because they are scared their computer is infected,  when all it is infected with is this stupid pop-up.  We can remove all of these for you as well as traditional viruses.

Give me a call on 07814 979414 and I will come and collect you desktop or laptop, remove the virus and return it to you in a couple of days.  Remember we will only charge you the £30 fixed fee for labour.