Fixed Fee Repairs
Computer Inside

Laptop or desktop gone wrong?  Won’t boot, no sound, or no picture etc.  We can sort that our for you and repair your computer to the highest standard.  The labour charge will be our fixed fee price of £30.  If you need parts they will be an additional charge.

At BPC we repair all sorts of issues with both laptops and desktops.

Desktops are easier to repair than laptops because you can get at all the components and change any of them.  From the power supply, to the Processor, to the hard drive and graphics card.  All can be replaced for our fixed fee labour charge of £30 and then the cost of the part.

Laptops are more difficult to repair because many components are soldered to the motherboard and cannot be replaced.  Many components can still be replaced and those include hard drives, RAM, screens and so on.  Again the cost for labour is just £30 (our fixed fee)

We operate a no fix no fee guarantee as well so you are well protected from costly repairs.

We will need to see the laptop or desktop to diagnose what is wrong with it.  We will then give you a price for any parts that are required.  Once approved we will repair the computer and do any other work necessary such as re-installing the operating system.

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